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Bowl of Fire: Southwest

Included in this guide:



Here it is. My love letter to one of my favorite places: The Bowl of Fire. I’ve talked about it for quite some time, and I finally found the determination to finish it.

I started filming this guide on 3/22/20. Yes, this video guide took almost 2 years to complete! After watching it you may wonder why. There’s nothing particularly special or groundbreaking here and it’s not really that clever of an edit. But if you recall, 2 years ago was when everything started to go wrong with the world. Like you, I faced many obstacles and challenges - in addition to some wonderful and unexpected moments. It became increasingly difficult to find the strength or focus to do what used to bring me such joy – creating these video guides. It felt rather pointless.

I had selfish reasons too. I didn’t want to see the Bowl become overrun with people who didn’t care for the land like so many other places in the valley. I imagined myself a bit of a gatekeeper, hoping to preserve this place that had become my new home. But then I realized that the only person being held back by that gate was me: I had become trapped by my inability to move forward. Plenty of people had written about the Bowl in the past and will continue to do so in the future. All I can do is my part to help others realize just how special of a place it is and share what is required to protect it.

Please enjoy my latest video guide “Bowl of Fire: Southwest”, and like and share with others who will join me in keeping this place beautiful and wild.

Thanks for watching.


FUN FACT: The sections of this video where I'm talking to camera were filmed on my birthday in 2020 - the first birthday I've ever been completely alone. Thanks, pandemic!


The Map

Map of Bowl of Fire: Southwest
Bowl of Fire: Southwest Trail (Full GPX Below)




BCNV_LM_Bowl of Fire_ Southwest Video Guide
Download GPX • 142KB
BCNV_LM_Bowl of Fire_ Southwest Master Loop
Download GPX • 14KB

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